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Here are 5 ways a Financial Planner can help you

(and why you should feel good about paying for our expertise)

By Charlotte Wood

It makes sense that you might not know what you’d be getting with a Financial Planner. If you’ve never worked with one before, it may be that you’re interested, but hesitate to reach out because you don’t really understand the value, and that’s completely okay.

So to provide some clarity, here’s 5 things a Financial Planner can do for you:

  1. We provide a financial roadmap for life, removing the constant nagging worry at the back of your mind about how, when and what your life is going to look like when you no longer can or don’t want to work to pay for it.
  2. We can integrate complex financial decisions into a full life plan and cash flow where we understand when you will need money, how much you will need, how much tax you will pay and how you are going to make sure you have enough based on your individual needs, desires, requirements and aspirations. We then review it on a regular basis to ensure that any changes are noted, timelines adjusted and to keep it as accurate as possible.
  3. We collaborate with your accountant. They will expertly crunch the numbers for you and tell you how much tax you owe. We will look at your current financial situation and look forward to the future to help you make tax efficient decisions in advance of your tax bill being due.
  4. Tax efficient savings, investments, and pensions. ISA allowances, Capital gains allowances, government schemes for saving, we can talk you through them all the jargon and options. If it will save you money and make you money over the long term we can recommend them and set up for you.
  5. Yes, you do pay us for our time and expertise, just like a plumber, solicitor or accountant. One way we do differ however is that we aim to save you money and to make your money work hard enough to meet your objectives, so over time our costs are usually going to be significantly less than the improvement in your overall financial situation.

If you still aren’t sure if Financial Planning is right for you, why not book a quick 15 minute chat. There’s no obligation, and no costs, we are happy to act as a sounding board to your thought processes (

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